30+ Years of Stock Car Racing Setup Experience.

Chassis Set-Up, Modifications & Repairs

Speed Is Guaranteed, Failure Is Not.

Experts In Stock Car Racing Setup

Looking to set up your stock car for racing? Hoping to squeeze the most out of your car on the oval this summer? Bolt On Speed has over 30+ years of experience in racing consulting and car setup, as a result you’ll reach peak speed on the asphalt all season long.

Our number #1 goal is to keep these professional racing services affordable. As a result racing will continue to be accessible to everyone. Bolt On Speed is located in Chilliwack, B.C., and conveniently located 20 mins from Agassiz Speedway

Stock Car Racing Setup and Services

Car Testing Program

Put your car thought its paces before the big race. The quicker you know the problem, the faster you can change it. 

Tire Management

Get the best possible grip from all four tires on the track. The fastest engine is meaningless without great tires.  

Chassis Setup 

Start with a high-performance, engineered chassis. Make the right adjustments and get back to the winners circle. 

Race Day Consultants

Push the limit of your racing experience everyday on the track. We'll help walk you through all your race day needs.

Modifications & Repairs

Make adjustments and after-market modifications to improve your handling, therefore, increase your speed.

After Market Parts

We sell a wide assortment of after-market parts to suite all of your racing needs. Call Derek for more information. 

Everything You Need To Multiply Your Speed

  • Racing Chassis Setup
  • Modifications & Repairs
  • Race Day Consultant
  • Tire Management
  • Custom Pit Carts
  • Trailer Accessories & Repairs
  • Car Testing Program
  • Trailer Parking On Site

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Let’s Keep Racing Alive By Keeping It Affordable

Derek Lewis Winner Main Event

Agassiz Speedway July 4, 2020